Sandra Beasley Endorsement of “Eye of the Beholder”

Here is what award-winning poet and teacher, Sandra Beasley, said of Eye of the Beholder:

In EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, Scott Owens explores the shaping of partnership, singing the body in all its passioned curvatures. Absence proves as intoxicating as presence; in one standout sequence, “This moon knows how I feel, / to be held apart from its sun.” Yet there is a grounding vernacular–rose petals fashioned into a sandwich, beans pickled for the jar, a bed whose headboard and frame resist alignment–that keeps one foot, pleasingly, in the everyday. Owens’ warm, sensual images are in the tradition of Pablo Neruda, Marc Chagall, and other artists of “this coupling, / this circumstance we call love.” This is a heartfelt, bold, and energizing read.
~Sandra Beasley, author of I Was the Jukebox

I love that both she and Philip Dacey (read his endorsement here) see Neruda’s influence in the book.

The book is still available for a limited time pre-publication discount at Main Street Rag (click link), but thanks to the number of pre-orders, the release date has been moved up to mid-October, so the discount won’t be available for much longer. In other words, order yours now.


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