It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

When I hear good news about one of the poets I admire, I’m always excited to share it.

And when I read intelligent commentary on the state of poetry today, I’m also excited to share it.

Hickory’s own, and truly one of my mentors in poetry, Tim Peeler, was recently invited to read his work at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. As a lifetime fan and historian of baseball on every level, Tim was of course, thrilled to accept.

Now the gentleman who invited him, George Mitrovich, has published an article about Tim, along with three excerpts from his poetry, in The Huffington Post. In the article, Mitrovich correctly assesses the wonderful quality of Tim’s work and also correctly comments on the relative and unfortunate obscurity in which most poets, even fantastic, inspiring ones like Tim Peeler, labor.

Mitrovich says, “The literati among us are reasonably knowledgeable about poetry and poets, but even at that there are thousands of poets whose works we have no knowledge of – poets perhaps like Tim Peeler.

It’s a damn shame.”

The rest of the article is just as engaging, and just as spot on. You can read it here.

2 Responses to It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

  1. Maren O. Mitchell

    Great article on The Huffington Post. Mr. Peeler should be so pleased. I left a comment, but don’t know if it took.

  2. Terrific article about Tim. Growing up with a father who loved baseball bettert than anything on earth, I believe, I fell in love with it myself when i was in college – The Milwaukee Braves became my team. Many years later the Atlanta Braves renewed my interest. I know I will love Tim Peeler’s poems about baseball. Thanks for spreading the word, Scott.