Excerpt from Ron Moran’s Review of “Shadows Trail Them Home”

Here is an excerpt from Ron Moran’s Review of Shadows Trail Them Home (my recent collaboration with Pris Campbell) in the Fall 2013 issue of South Carolina Review. For anyone interested in the book, I still have a few copies of my own, or you can order them from Clemson University Press. You can subscribe to South Carolina Review here

Shadows Trail Them Home is both a compelling and an important book. Although it is published as a collection of poems in four parts, its characters and consistent plot make it read much like a work of fiction, except for its dynamic and functional use of tropes and, more important, its fluid movement between lines.
. . . . . . . . . .
Particularly at the onset but even until the end, sexuality orders this collection, although it is never present to serve prurient ends, but, rather, to demonstrate what Norman and Sara have in common and why Sara led a promiscuous and meaningless life both before and after (for a long time) her interlude with Norman, as well as to illustrate that, despite how physically drawn one may be to another, an abusive past may very well, as it does with Norman, prevent a relationship from going beyond the physical level, even though there is little doubt that each of the partners loves the other.”

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