Essays/Reviews by Scott Owens

Most of my Reviews have been published in Wild Goose Poetry Review and can be found at Others have been in Main Street Rag, Pirene’s Fountain, The Pilot, and Outlook. Nearly all of the reviews are archived on the searchable site at Most of my essays are archived there as well.

One Day in the Life of the Poet as One-Percenter, Musings, 2013
Getting Poetry to the People, Outlook, 2013
Poetry and the Art of Surprising Oneself, Musings, 2013
How Poems Get Written, Musings, 2013
Poetry and the Internet, Outlook, 2013
The Long Distance Writer, about Tim Peeler, from Outlook, 2013
The Weight of Teaching, from Musings, 2013
Bending the Rules or A Poet Has to Be a Poet in My Name Is Not Bob, 25 Jan 2012
Why I Write Poetry, from NC Writers Network Newsletter, 2012
13 Ways of Deconstructing “13 Ways of Deconstructing a Blackbird” in JMWW, 24 April 2012
Perpetual Writing Prompts, NC Writers Network Network News, Aug 2011
Providential Pairings, in 234 19 May 2011
Hickory Poet How-To Part III: Submitting, from Outlook, 2011
Hickory Poet How-To Part II, from Outlook, 2011
Hickory Poet How-To Part I, from Outlook, 2010
The Well-Balanced Plate: Poetry and Multi-Tasking, from NC Writers’ Network Newsletter, 2010
A Dialogue of Poets, from NC Writers Network News, 2010
Scott Douglass a Saint?, Dedication from Poetry Council of NC Bay Leaves, 2010
For the Love of Words, from Outlook, 2010
Six Degrees of Collaboration, from Pirene’s Fountain, 2009
The Art of the Poetry Book Review, from Outlook, 2009
How Does Poetry Work, from Outlook, 2009
How to Read a Poem, from Outlook, 2009
Why Poetry, from Outlook, 2009
America, the Hyphenated, from Musings 1993