Pirene’s Fountain

Here is a link to two poems of mine, “Thirteen Ways of Direction” and “Thirteen Ways of Wonder”, published in this April’s issue of Pirene’s Fountain, one of my favorite online journals. Ami Kaye, Lark Timmons, and the other editors there do a great job. They have used my work quite a bit, including an interview with Lark in this same issue (Link); another interview with Tony Walbran last year (link); a wonderful showcase last year (link); and poems in issues each of the last six years. Their final online issue, due out in October, will also have two more of my poems as well.

One Response to Pirene’s Fountain

  1. Thanks for sharing your excellent poems, Scott. All of us at Pirene’s Fountain love your work, and look forward to some of our favorites in the upcoming issue as well as our new anthology, First Water! We hope you continue to share your gifts with Pirene’s Fountain when it changes to print format next year.